Online boat rental, car rental, house rental and other rental applications

Online boat rental, car rental, house rental and other rental applications More »

Easy reservatjon

Just check your dates and times on boat you want to rent More »

User-friendly admin page

Overview your reservation times and dates, remove from them if you want then complete the reservation form and your boat is reserved More »

Admin module PC, Mac, tablets and mobile devices

Manage easily your boat types, boats and reservations from any device: PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone and any other mobile device More »

Easy boat management

Complete the datasheets to manage your boats More »



Welcome to

If you are looking for online rental applications then you are in the right place.

We can offer you more type of rental applications. Based on the subject to rent and the way you want to use the application.
You can buy the application as a turn-key application. Or you can opt for monthly use and costs which gives you always the newest updates.
We offer you any types of rental application:

This is a very useful, simple, easy to use boat rental application.
You can choose between packages: unique buy or monthly fee to use.

  • Car rental program

Comming soon

  • Property rental module

comming soon

  • Tool rental application

comming soon

  • other online rental applications

comming soon

Right now we are working to get the online rental applications on the webpage with demo as well. If need anything meanwhile, don’t hesitate and contact us by pressing the Email button in the header, or using the contact form on the contact page.

We are proud for that we can offer you large scale of products. Visiting our website  you will see various high quality applications.
Every rental application is developed using the latest programming techniques using AJAX and HTML5.